I plan and produce many of the things you see in the panel room, but I do need help sometimes! Here are some of the people who I’ve worked with.


Donghua: KuroRaiden

Congoing on a Budget: Kaosu, Dan, and Azurimi

World of Korean Manhwa / Intro to Manhwa: Orian, Leon, Rose, Dr. Emily Hall (Webtoon Genius)

Fans in the Professional Workplace: KuroRaiden, Nina H, Tyler M, Alison and Spike M

Panelling for Dummies: Plantastic Cosplay, Nyanko Pankotanko


Training and mentorship: Jesse Betteridge of Zannen, Canada and Jarvis Gray (CW: NSFW content)

Uniform hoodie embroidery: MAKE Vancouver

Business cards: Jukebox Print (thank you Anime Evolution for the clue-in!)

Accessibility consulting: Arnold Cheng of Spectrum Ability

Matcha shortbread cookies: Aiyaohno Cafe


Now-alumni prep team members: KuroRaiden, Plantastic Cosplay, Evil_Edie, Thezeus18

Organizations: Anime North Panels, Tsukino-Con Programming, Vancouver Anime Convention Society

Individuals: Jay Agonoy, Sam Kalensky, Dave Merrill, Keichoro, Cordwainershark, and Jupdown