Visions and goals

My former workplace has a self-improvement program called “Visions and goals”. We’d write a vision (or two) outlining what our future would look like, before writing some short-term SMART goals to hit before a certain timeframe (in the workplace’s case, every four months or a quarter). The visions would then be published on a company-wide spreadsheet where we’d be held accountable for them near the end of each quarter.

I liked it enough that I also applied the program’s principles to my convention life, although my way of staying accountable is by publishing my visions (and goals) on my public-facing sites and profiles.

2023 - 2024

Reduce the backlog (Jan-Aug)

  • Complete and run two backlogged panels from 2020 or older
  • Complete and run two backlogged panels from 2021-2022
  • Complete and run a backlogged panel from 2023
  • Konmari my backlog every month

Toga Mayo ops (Jan-Aug)

  • Design and order my physical business cards
  • Commission a new PFP of my IRL self
  • Convert Congoing on a Budget into a guide
  • Convert Panelling for Dummies into a guide

Upskill within and beyond the con circuit (Jan-Dec)

  • Obtain my AWS Certified Developer (Associate) credential
  • Take a Udemy or LinkedIn Learning course on slide design
  • Take a Udemy course on improv or presentation skills
  • Complete Tim Buchalka’s Java 17 Masterclass Udemy course

Actually hit A2 German (Jan-Jun)

  • Finish the DW Nico’s Weg (Way) A1 & A2 courses
  • Finish Duolingo’s A2 section
  • Practice German for at least 15 minutes per day
  • Read at least four German manhwa or webtoon chapters per week

2022 - 2023

I am more than just “that donghua panelist” at the cons that I run panels for.

☑️ - Deploy a presentation version of Congoing on a Budget

Create three educational panels about East Asian culture (2/3, that being Intro to Manhwa)

☑️ - Bring Fans in the Professional Workplace to a local event

☑️ - Deploy

Create an 18+ panel on a topic I’m interested in

Become a more confident (casual) cosplayer

Rebuild the Heino cosplay

Cut and style a cosplay wig

Build my first cosplay weapon

3D print my own cosplay accessory

(I regret making this my vision and wished that I did a second panelist-related vision instead)