Here are the panels that I’ve ran at conventions since Fall 2019, be it my own work or as an assistant/co-panelist on another panel. I also include this page in my panel applications, where I let it do the talking for my previous experience - you can only include so much information in a webform without that info resembling a wall of text!


  • All panels are 50-60 minutes by default.
  • I need a projector with HDMI support, a speaker system, a microphone with a stand, and access to a power outlet for my laptop - all of which should be present in a typical convention’s panel room.
  • An HDMI to USB-C adapter (in case mine borks), an extra microphone with a stand (for a workaround in case the audio jack borks), a chair, a table, and a water pitcher with cups are nice-to-haves.
  • For panel coordinators (both current and prospective): My panels come with customization options and you can request a view-only copy of my previous work. If you would like something added, changed, or omitted within reason, please contact me before you start sending out offer letters to accepted panelists.
  • I want to make my panels the best they can be. Any constructive feedback (including questions, comments, and concerns) that you might have is appreciated - please email or message them to me!

Current lineup

An Otaku's Guide to Donghua (13+)

A look at Chinese animation (donghua) that resembles anime, plus how Chinese animation overall impacted the Japanese anime industry.


  • I previously ran this panel as "Those Chinese Cartoons" before Anime North: Stay at Home Edition.
  • I also discuss barriers to watching donghua, along with the CCP's role in the Chinese animation industry.
  • Manga Planet covered this panel in both of their Anime North Online and Anime North: Stay at Home recaps.
  • The (modified) Fan Expo 2024 iteration covers titles that do not resemble anime.
  • Tsukino-Con 2020
  • Anime North Online (2020)
  • KuroCon V2
  • Anime North: Stay at Home (2021)
  • Sakura-Con 2022
  • Anime North 2022
  • Otakon 2022
  • Sakura-Con 2023
  • Anime Lockdown 2023
  • Anime North 2023
  • Otakon 2023
  • Fan Expo Vancouver 2024 (as "A Newbie's Guide to Donghua: Chinese Animation")
  • Tsukino-Con 2024
  • Sakura-Con 2024
  • Anime North 2024 (upcoming)
  • Anime in the Philippines (13+)

    How did an anime contribute to collapsing a Filipino dictatorship? Which titles are beloved in the Philippines yet are afterthoughts in the American anime fandom? Curious about how anime is perceived outside of Japan and North America? Join us as we explore the interesting relationship between the Philippines, anime, and Japan.


    • This is the panel y'all probably know me the most for.
    • I also cover the context behind anime being aired in the country, historical events that have clear and direct implications for anime in the country, and misc Philippines x Japan topics.
    • Ogiue Maniax mentioned the panel in his Otakon 2023 recap.
  • Harumatsuri 2023
  • Sakura-Con 2023
  • Anime North 2023
  • Otakon 2023
  • Tsukino Matsuri 2023
  • Fan Expo Vancouver 2024
  • Tsukino-Con 2024
  • Sakura-Con 2024
  • Anime North 2024 (upcoming)
  • Japanese Commercials That (Try To) Make You Laugh (general)

    A showcase of some of the funniest and weirdest Japanese commercials, from Mem-Cho squishing mosquitos to Britney Spears selling you candy.
  • Akimatsuri 2023
  • Tsukino-Con 2024 (as "Comedic Japanese Commercials")
  • Harumatsuri 2024 (upcoming)
  • Back soon?

    Panelling for Dummies (general)

    Love panels? Interested in running your own panels but don’t know where to start? If so Mich Chan of Togarashi Mayo (a former panels coordinator and current experienced amateur panelist) is here to help! Join her as she walks you through how to create your first panel, from ideation to post-panel reflection.
  • Tsukino Matsuri 2023 (as "So you want to run a panel?")
  • Akimatsuri 2023 (ft. Plantastic Cosplay)
  • Vanhoover Pony Expo 2024
  • Tsukino-Con 2024 (ft. Nyanko Pankotanko)
  • Let's Compare: Hunger Games vs. Battle Royale (18+)

    Dystopian settings! Governments forcing kids to kill each other! Melodrama??? If you think that the Hunger Games ripped off Battle Royale for any of those reasons, think again. We’ll look at the similarities and differences between those two worlds, including new information from the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (aka the Hunger Games prequel).
  • Sakura-Con 2024 (as "The Hunger Games vs. Battle Royale: A Comparison")
  • An Introduction to Manhwa (13+)

    An introductory panel about Korean comics (manhwa) that covers their history, their relationship with Japanese media, essential must-reads, and titles that the panelist personally recommends.

    Note: This panel is now under Dr. Emily Hall's custody under "Intro to Manhwa (and webtoons!)" as of Sakura-Con 2024. I still help her out, but as an assistant doing PowerPoint janitorial work and trying to be funny in front of the audience.

  • Sakura-Con 2023 (ft. Dr. Emily Hall of Webtoon Genius)
  • Anime North 2023 (as "World of Korean Manhwa" ft. Orian, Leo, and Rosa)
  • Otakon 2023
  • Guess the Anime Character (general)

    Do you know your Violet Evergarden from your Saber, or your Sailor Mars from your Kikyo? Come to play (for candy prizes) or just to watch this character recognition game!
  • Harumatsuri 2023
  • Fans in the Professional Workplace (general)

    A roundtable for and by professionals with geeky interests. Come discuss how (and when) to share your fandom in the workplace, the benefits and challenges of being a fan in the workplace, and more.


    • This is a Vancouver version of the Anime North panel of the same name (given Sabrina's blessing).
    • This panel is also retired, as I feel that the people who ran this panel at Anirevo 2022-2023 and Sakura-Con 2024 do a better job than me!
  • Harumatsuri 2023 (ft. Wes L, Nina H, Tyler M, Spike M, and Alison)
  • Congoing on a Budget (general)

    Cons can be expensive to attend, but they don't have to be! Come learn new tips to attend cons for less.

    Note: I ran this panel as a roundtable format (along with Dan, Azurimi, and Andrew) at Anime North 2022.

  • Anime North 2022
  • Akimatsuri 2022
  • Germany* and Anime (13+)

    A look at anime set in or heavily inspired by Germany ( Austria and Switzerland, forming the "DACH region"), along with how the country influenced Japanese culture and society.


    • I previously ran the panel as "DACH and Anime" until Sakura-Con 2023, before rethinking the concept. The DACH acronym is too abstract on a con schedule!
    • This panel is also on hiatus until I both reach CEFR B1 in German and travel to a German-speaking country.
  • Akimatsuri 2022
  • Sakura-Con 2023
  • Mario The Brand Ambassador (13+)

    From Kraft Dinner to LEGO, come take a look at some of the tie-in products that Nintendo characters hawked over the past ~35 years!


    • Manga Planet covered this panel as part of their Anime North Online recap.
    • I've put this panel on indefinite hiatus, until I can find a way to turn it into a 60-minute panel while generalizing the content to "tie-in products for any video game in general". Sonic curry, anyone?
  • Anime North Online (30-minute version)
  • Other panels I've worked on

    • How to Panel a Panel (Anime North 2024 with Orian)
    • World of Korean Manhwa (Anime North 2024, with Orian, Leo, and Rosa; upcoming)
    • Explaining Anime to Your Mom (Anime North 2024; upcoming)
    • Intro to Manhwa (and webtoons!) (Sakura-Con 2024 with Dr. Emily Hall)
    • Amazing Anime Deaths (18+; Tsukino-Con 2024; facilitating for Jesse Betteridge)
    • Canadian Anime Heritage Minutes (Tsukino-Con 2024; facilitating for Jesse Betteridge)
    • Legend of Zelda Megapanel (Anime North 2023)
    • Spy x Family (Anime North 2023)
    • All about Webtoons — Korean Style! (Sakura-Con 2023 with Dr. Emily Hall)
    • Korean Manhwa (Anime North 2022, with Kris and Orian)
    • Fans in the Professional Workplace (Anime North 2022 with Sabrina, Nick, and Demetre)
    • An Introduction to Yokai (Akimatsuri 2019 and Tsukino-Con 2020, now in KuroRaiden's custody as "Casual Intro to Yokai and Touhou Connection")